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#Creative Review profile #CarineBrancowitz for PickMeUp.

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Apparently 2014 is all about Carine Brancowitz. She’s started the year off with a Creative Review Cover illustration and a profile feature in their illustration special which showcases four of the illustrators who have been selected to exhibit at this year’s PICK ME UP graphic arts fair. So I bet you want to know more about her motivations and her inspirations too?


Carine was more into music as a child, it was later on in life that she found her passion for Italian Renaissance and Ancient Greek sculptors and inspiration in Polykleitos and Praxiteles. She went on to study illustration, screen printing and lithography at the Ecole Estienne in Paris drawing with ballpoint pens, felt tips and sometimes pencils.

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She has since created an impressive portfolio of work featuring brand commissions from Testoni, Celine, Iceberg, Kitsuné, Vogue Pelle, Nylon, Dazed&Confused, Elle, Arena, and Cosmopolitan.


She thinks conceptually about the balance of colour and detail within her compositions, drawing pencil outlines on paper when the image is manifest in her mind. Her work is all about the NOW, nostalgia is not her thing and she finds that thoughts of how swiftly time passes have an affliction on her creativity. Some of her drawings are punctuation marks in her life, or chapter headings which seek to encapsulate precious moments of existence.