Festive Social Media: jelly London & The Drum

Festive Social Media Tips for Creative People: How to achieve some #Christmas kudos with a strategic collaboration…

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The question? How does a creative studio celebrate Christmas with a witty animated card, poke fun at the traditional awkward office party set-up and launch a new illustrator all at the same time? The answer?#COLLABORATE with the Media Brand of the Year, The Drum for their front cover spot and animate your Christmas party illustration using Blippar.


I’m an avid fan of collaboration in the creative industry, you just need to look to Cut and Paste or the huge success that was the Not For Rental exhibition for proof that many creative heads are better than one. So with this easy Christmas-cake-mix- formula in mind, I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate, purely for the sake of creating something bespoke, something beautiful and hopefully, something inspiring.


These little challenges stimulate my mind and give me a reason to wake up in the morning. Being in London; particularly at this time of year, where the glowing (and growing) London skyline teases the eyes like glitter and quirky craft fairs get the hands and mind racing, it’s relatively easy to be inspired. However it is also very easy to become too busy to think ahead or find time for your passion projects. Remember that photography project you started, the one you would love to exhibit one day, or that children’s book you still have not finished, you started so well after you finished that evening creative writing course and what about the jewellery you had planned on making and selling at Greenwich market this Christmas; at least it’s not too late for Etsy!


It’s these hobbies, interests, passions – whatever you want to call them – that keep us innovating and engaging with our work. As effective as stepping away from pinteresting pixels on your laptop screen into a curated art gallery is for the mind and as chocolate or Sunday morning lie-in are for the soul – a collective-creative passion project can inject an energy into a creative work space like none other. A morale boost, paid for in time and TLC without strict client deadlines and budget restrictions impeding any creativity might actually be the perfect Christmas present for the laterally thinking designers, illustrators and artists out there.


When I met reporter, Gillian West back in April of this year and proposed that we do the Christmas cover for The Drum, I could not wait to race back to the studio and start conversations about which illustrator we would ask to work their magic, what the theme would be and moreover, would we be able to animate it and bring a 2D printed cover to life via smartphone technology. The back-story and work in progress sketches make this project a very nice one to share via social media. The art of good storytelling is still to seek a good core idea in the first place, but in this digital age, IF you can find a relevant technology to decorate and elevate your story or idea you are on the right track. Now push it one step further with an‘Instagram hipster angle’ by adding an analogue element to your campaign. Craft has made a serious comeback, so a bespoke design or hand illustration will add a premium element to your campaign. Our Christmas campaign blended all three of the above and we loved creating the concept, the cover and the animation, now I am enjoying sharing the message via our social media channels, as any proud and merry head of creative communications should.


Lessons learned? This was a conversation I had back in April, so forward planning is always a good thing to do, approach brands with an idea in mind, do your research into how relevant the magazine or blog is for your own audience as there has to be some sort of exposure incentive in order for management to sign off the time-sheets, check the availability of your own design team and listen to everyone’s ideas before committing to a decided route and finally, (this is not a lesson learned but) check out Hannah Warren, the latest talent we have added to the jelly Illustration roster. Her occasionally whimsical work is often character led with a nod to retro design and her style is colourful and joyful, which makes her the perfect person to craft the most important message of all… Merry Christmas.