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jelly London Valentine's Day Project #heartjelly

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I wanted to share my Valentine's Day Project #heartjelly for the 14th February with everyone... It will be a lovingly crafted, digital, social and above all, romantic affair...

So what do I mean by #heartjelly? jelly London wanted to create a bespoke animation which celebrates the playful side of Valentine’s Day with a cheeky little cupid character darting his love arrows across the globe. This was a great opportunity for jelly London to get creative, engage with our loyal twitter community and to collaborate with two other enthusiastic companies, NeverBland and Massive Music.


What does the illustrator say about #heartjelly? Caroline Tomlinson is a the mixed media and collage specialist who has created the illustrations for the campaign. She likes to blend old and new styles to create a scrumptious and vintage finish. 

"I have wanted to animate my collages for some time now and this opportunity seemed ideal. Not only did it mean my illustrations finally got to move, but it also allowed me to collaborate with so many talented people. People who added life to my work! Valentine’s Day is an interesting event in the year. It’s a bit like Marmite. You either love it or hate it! So I didn't want anything too romantic or slushy. Just the chance to have a bit of a giggle about the idea of Cupid, or rather several Cupids, causing mischief by showering love hearts all over the world."


Tell us about your creative vision?
"In terms of art direction I wanted my images to be animated in a very playful style, nothing too slick as I prefer elements of imperfection to my art. I find jiggles and flickers heart warming and they nicely compliment the cheeky Cupids arrows darting through their journey around the globe."

What was your inspiration for the art direction?
"I actually have a vast collection of vintage photographs and magazines to pull ideas and reference images from. I also take my own photographs and use them within my collage work. For this project however, a great deal came from vintage finds. There is nothing I enjoy more than searching for vintage prints for my collages in flea markets. Whichever country I am in that is always my favourite thing to do. Then it’s a case of sitting down and playing around with all the elements until it starts to come together, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s magic when everything comes into place and you know you’re on to something special."

Why did Paul Reynolds, Managing Director @Massive Music London want to be involved?
"Getting involved in this project was a no-brainer for us. We saw it as a perfect opportunity to get one of our MassiveTalent artists some invaluable digital and social media exposure within the industries that we work in. A collaboration with an incredible illustrator, digital studio and production agency was always going to produce something interesting but when saw the animation with the track playing…we had an ooh la la moment! Sometimes there can be such a bond between song and picture it feels as if a song was written for especially for it."


About the track, Nuthin But Love... "Nuthin But Love is by MassiveTalent artist Jim Morey and is available to licence, listen to on Spotify and buy on iTunes. MassiveTalent is a division of the music agency MassiveMusic, which has offices in London, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles and Shanghai. We search, write and produce music for picture. We work with scouts, acts and a huge pool of exclusive composers and sound designers. We focus on developing communication strategies that revolve around music and help brands discover their musical DNA. We're also known for throwing a mean party once in a while!"

What did Alex Cragg, Head of Product @ Digital Agency NeverBland say... "Well, we love jelly London's work and were obviously very excited to work with them on the #heartjelly social campaign filling in the technicalities which make spreading the word and the Valentine's love one simple click away. The twitter mechanic has so much potential and makes the campaign much more interesting as each experience is personalised for the viewer. Get tweeting your love letters..."


You can send your own love tweet here...

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