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Fashion for Concrete: Fabrice Le Nezet

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Fabrice Le Nezet is a Director, Designer and Visual Artist obsessed with Urban Culture. Based in London he seeks to explore the intersection between Architecture, Fashion and Toys Design through the use of raw materials like concrete and metal. His work is known for it’s pure, clean and graphical aesthetic combined with playful qualities. His ‘Fashion for Concrete’ project caught my eye, a highbred of fashion and sculpture, where he applies cloth to a monolith of concrete thus transposing concepts and patterns to create this series of fashionable totems…

Fabrice, what’s your story? How did you get to where you are today? I was originally more into filmmaking. I directed several award winning short films (Dynamo, Raymond and Dix) and then had the chance to direct quite a few commercials for Amnesty International, Nokia, Vodafone, Ford and PlayStation. However, more recently I felt that I needed to tell things differently and move away from more traditional narrative structures. The result is that I now develop designed sculptures in conceptual series.

Which is your favourite collection that you’ve designed to date? There are all quite different and each one has something unique to tell. Each one is the result of an original reflection I have made about something so I could not really choose one that stands out to be honest.

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old? Well as far back as I remember I wanted to be an inventor!

What did you study? I studied science and maths, which probably comes worth in my design work. The connection is to science in my work is normally either visual or within the subject matter itself. I eventually switched to art school and specialised in digital direction. At the moment I am studying metal welding. I like to keep learning new crafts.

Which project has been your career highlight? My design project 'Measure' (below) has been my most successful design project to date. I have had a great response to the execution of the compositions and my project has featured in many blogs, magazines and books too which is great. Life’s good.

How do you promote yourself? I use Behance primarily and have a Cargo Website. There is a such a large creative community on these channels that I find whilst I am sharing my own work I find inspiration from others. It works both ways. I am also looking to organise a print exhibition soon. Always busy.

Do you love or loathe social media? Even though I’m not super active via my social media channels I could never say that I loathe it as it has brought so much attention to my work which in turn allows me to create more and more.

Which tools do you use to create stuff? I use both analogue, digital and physical tools to construct most of my projects. I always commence my design process with a rough sketch before moving into 3D rendering to glean a clearer idea of space and volume. Depending on the project it can conclude either a digital render or I will actually build something with concrete, steel or fabric.

What inspired the ‘Fashion for Concrete’ project? I wanted to develop a design series that was founded in Fashion. So I thought… Why not dress my concrete sculptures in fabric. I thought carefully about the concept and how I would extract each garment from it’s original context, I also had to consider mechanical constraints, heat capacity and the practical side of ‘dressing’ concrete. My primary concern for each composition was to create an interesting silhouettes and to develop an organic graphical rhythm.

What’s your favourite music to work to? I like working with the radio on in the background.

Which magazine/blog do you read religiously? I am stuck like glue to Trendland, FVF & Designboom.

What do you spread on your toast in the morning? Ha, Sadly I never have time for toast in the morning.