Charlotte Mary Rose


Charlotte Mary Rose

Artist, Katrina Pallon unveils modern Asian fairytales. It would be true to say that the women of the East have long been shrouded in an exotic mystery that has enveloped them with a mythical quality. From the geishas and oirans of Japan adorned in fine silks and cherry blossoms, to the hypnotizing theatricality of the Beijing Opera singers; from rustic charm of the Filipinas among lush blooms and foliage to the alluring women in the high mountains of Tibet and Mongolia decked in delicate headdresses and covered in turquoise, jade, and coral.

Their beauty has inspired voyages and fueled the passion of great adventurers who have crossed oceans and continents for the opportunity to gaze upon their exquisite faces within the natural splendor unique to their geography. However, their attraction goes beyond mere aesthetics. Their seduction lies in their vibrancy and distinct individualism that is further heightened amidst Asia’s rich cultural history.

Katrina Pallon flawlessly captures the spirit of the Orient through her paintings and in her latest exhibit entitled, “Moon Blossoms,” which features a dramatic collection of pen and ink drawings along with several paintings of the same theme. Katrina breathes her passion for travel into her work; inspired by the images that struck her throughout her travels. Each portrait overflows with rich and meticulous details that are both awe-inspiring and culturally enlightening. If you like colour, you’ll love her work.

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