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Dave Hänggi is a designer and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. He was born and raised in Switzerland, which is where he started working as a designer in a branding agency in Zurich. He later moved to Berlin to seek his calling.

As you can see, David’s artwork is vibrant in both colour and creativity; there is most definitely something of a contemporary René Magritte in his compositions and perhaps even a flavour of Dali in those brush strokes. I’m sure you would agree that any daydream believer could get lost in these painted moments for hours.

He has already won numerous accolades as an Art Director such as Red Dot Design Award, the IF Design Award and even the German Design Award. Truly, some people see a blank canvas as an opportunity to paint the pictures in their mind – Now we just need to stumble upon digital dream catchers to completes our own picture puzzles.

Check out more of David’s inspiring portfolio here: