The Smallest Analogue Printing Company

I couldn't wait to catch up with 'The Letterproeftuin' last weekend to find out all about their latest kooky project: The Smallest Printing Company. A mobile analogue printing installation for small posters and books. Since it's creation in 2013 this technology has featured at last year's International Poster and Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont and was this year showcased at the Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Fair...

So where did you three study? Yorit Kluitman studied Graphic Design at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam, Jaron Korvinus studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the Willem de Kooning academy too and Timon van der Hijden studied communications at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

And what is your creative process as a trio collective. How do you challenge each other in the graphic crafts arena? We design temporarily sight specific workspaces or context's and consistently aim to challenge ourselves to re-invent graphic crafts by combining them with as crossovers or collaborating with other individuals with very specific skill sets. We work really hard but we also try to play and experiment with these important projects along the way, always learning and picking up new ideas during the process.

What do you find that you love most about what you do? I think what we adore most about working together on these projects is the technical research phase, the development of the project balances on our collective skills and it can always flow or blend in new directions which brings more inspiration for future projects. The evolution of a graphic craft really has no limits when you put your mind to something that you really care about.

And what is it that inspires you to re-invent these traditional techniques for the modern day craft world? Well each project seems to inspire us to do another one. Travelling inspires new ideas and working in different contexts too. When you meet with other creative minds and work along side them there is always a huge drive to surpass what has been done before.

What was the Pick Me Up Experience like for you? It was very nice to meet the mixed crowd that attended the fait. The people of London were very warm and receptive to our project. We found many opportunities to meet and collaborate with some great UK based creatives too for future projects, which will no doubt, be very inspiring.

How are you promoting the world's Smallest Printing Company? Well we have had a lot of interest and attention on-line for our min- screen printer. We have not yet presented the complete installation at too many design shows so Pick Me Up created a burst of attention, which was really rewarding for us as the makers to experience.

Do Letterproeftuin have any interesting collaborations or projects do have in the pipeline that you’d like to share? We do, of course. We are working on an elemental installation incorporating water and fabrics. It will be examining the processes and techniques of recycling. But, we cannot tell you too much more than that at this moment in time but you can keep track of the project’s development on Instagram and Facebook if you want to be the first to know.

So what are your views on recycling and up-cycling to create new artwork content? They are just alternative methods which can and should be explored in more detail… soon!