Bazgranina: A Tutti Frutti Illustrator

I discovered Bazgranina's tutti-frutti colourful illustrative work whilst downloading files in the studio. True story. Her artwork was splashed across the pages of WeTransfer. I love her style and find something pretty nostalgic in her characters. So I got in touch to find out about her creative process... 


What’s your story? How did you get to where you are today? Two years ago I started reading children books, which is how I became such a colorful time-bomb illustrator. At the end of January this year I decided to create a picture blog to share these colours with people.

Which is your favourite character illustration that you’ve drawn to date? That would be my “FRUITEAM”.

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old? Actually I think I wanted to be a Super Squirrel (which was the super hero of my own imagination) who brought destruction with huge nuts. Later I realized that this was not possible though, so the best alternative was to become an actress and transform to other characters whenever I wanted to… But I didn’t do that either! So eventually I decided to create my characters.

Which uni did you go to and what did you study? I studied Graphic Art at the ‘Nicolaus Copernicus University’ in Torun, Poland specializing in lino-cutting techniques.

What’s the proudest moment of your career to date? I’m still waiting for one… There are a few happy ones though. It’s lovely when my work is appreciated and I get to share some good vibes with people.

Which project has been your career highlight? Being asked by WeTransfer to create a bespoke pattern wallpaper for their backgrounds. I am still receiving feedback from people all over the world. It’s amazing. The best thing that could have happened to me…

So how did this WeTransfer cover-artwork opportunity come about? WeTranser like to support different artists whose works fits with their interface design. They liked what I do and got in touch. This is a great way for new talent to get out there. What are you waiting for?

How do you promote yourself? Via my blog and through social media which I treat like a took for promotion. It gives people huge opportunities to communicate with people all over the world. I am new to twitter and already a tad obsessed. It could become a beautiful love story!

Which tools do you use to create stuff and what is your creative process? I only actually get around two hours to myself a day so I spend this precious time drawing. I start with ink sketches and then move onto graphic software for final manipulations.

Where do you find inspiration? Funnily enough, my two year old son’s world is my inspiration. It’s like experiencing the world for the first time all over again! He has reminded me that everything has its own face and even inanimate objects can magically come to life if you look at them with a child-like perspective. For instance he will say ‘Hello’ and ‘Bye-Bye’ to the Vistula River, which crosses through our home-town. It’s very cute. I love his world because he treats everything and every person in it with authentic equality.

That's really sweet. What do you love about what you do? I love that I am waking up the child within me. It’s like a mini-me has been in hibernation for a while and now the seasons have passed and spring has sprung.

What’s your favourite music to work to? My favourite musician is ‘Iva Bittova’… I usually put pen to paper once my son has nodded off though so I listen on low volumes. Sometimes to cathedral bells actually, which create quite a random contrast to the quirky and playful character’s that I create!

What do you spread on your toast in the morning? Double butter with natural honey...

So what are you working on at the moment? I have a few ideas, most of them focused around applied art, so watch this space.