#3D Print Show London

So what is 3D Printing and what was revealed at the 3D Print Show London?

Today at the Business Design Centre in Islington I witnessed a slice of the future. 3D printing is strategically slinking into every industry sector from education, healthcare and engineering to the arts and fashion. There was something relevant to everyone from the Hobbyist to the manufacturer and especially the creative thinker.


I overheard one exhibitor arguing that as a 3D print specialist, he was not a designer, rather a shape-maker. I photographed some of the most outstanding 3D models I have ever seen from Avatar’s Na’vi to a Tyrannosaurus Rex head. It was awesome to see the 3Doodler causing quite a stir with the crowds who were queuing for over an hour to take a turn to experiment with the 3D modelling pen.


Just to clarify in the simplest terms, 3D printers use a variety of very different types of additive manufacturing technologies, but they all share one core thing in common: they create a three dimensional object by building it layer by successive layer, until the entire object is complete. So if you can imagine, it’s like printing in two dimensions on a sheet of paper, except you add a third dimension which compounds upwards.


You always start with a digital file before each layer gets printed in a thinly-sliced, horizontal cross-section of the eventual object. I like to compare it to a multi-layer cake, where a baker lays down each layer one at a time until the entire cake is formed.

The show is only open until the 9th of November, so if you’re interested head down this weekend before it moves to Paris.

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