Zoe Murphy takes Margate-on-Sea to Tent

TENT LONDON 2013: This year #Geometry is clearly trending in the skilled designer minds of the world’s Creatives and I am thrilled to say that the hungry appetite for up-cycling shows no signs of waning which can only be a good thing for the sustainability of our tired little planet.


Somehow I am always drawn to products which are constructed from objects with an ulterior original purpose for being. Madeleine Boulesteix makes handmade chandeliers from vintage objects collected at flea markets. Her designs are all unique due to the mode in which they are assembled with singular beloved found objects like rusty metal barrel hoops, tart tins, shot glasses and porcelain cups. Madeleine’s design style would balance quaintly in an ṻber chic environment clash between the traditional period and the modern eclectic maverick. My good friend Lizzie Mary Cullen; an award-winning epic wall muralist, decided this year to re-visit a tradition craft which harks back to the classroom of the 80s. She picked up her chalk and spent the day lacing designer chalk doodles over a huge blackboard, as you can see her final illustration is a striking and elegant composition.

Every year I attend to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends, Zoe Murphy, she is a ‘love what belongs to you’ ambassador who recycles and re-designs furniture and textiles responsibly with bright colour, bold patterns and true Margate seaside pride. This year she is launching her Mini-Moderns ‘Remix’ Project which is creating a storm in the industry. Her innovative relationship with screen-printed graphics, colour and woodwork is distinctive and actually, something quite extraordinary. (And I am not biased either, you only need to google her to peruse the extensive praise from the design elite who warrant far more credit than I).


The TENT design show is constantly evolving, always thought provoking and has carved a unique identity and reputation as one of the most creative collections that anchor the London Design Festival. If you are looking for stimulating contemporary design with authentic passion, TENT is one of the finest showcase platforms to find some inspiration. It’s true that London is buzzing with a tangible energy right now as Fashion and Design Week 2013 feverishly clash to illuminate and define this city as the global leader in crafted creativity.