Pick Me UP: A Graphic Art Plethora...

Pick Me UP: A plethora of graphic art in all forms to stimulate and inspire creative types. Now in its fifth year, Somerset House have presented another superb contemporary graphic arts fair for 2014. Each wall in this dedicated space is laced with original prints of such contrasting styles in which the journey has been deliberately curated in a mode that keeps the purveyor guessing.

It’s always a treat to see the work of contemporary illustrators I admire triumphantly hanging on walls within a gallery space as opposed to sitting inside a computer screen where jpg compressions just don’t do the finer details, the rich colour palettes and in some cases, the sheer scale of artworks the justice they deserve for the time they take to craft.

It was really lovely to catch up with Carine Brancowitz who we represent at jelly who came over from Paris to introduce her work, along with Charlotte Farmer and Chloe Batchelor who has her Thunder Kitty screen print displayed in Patrick and Sara’s UnlimitedGallery.

Pick Me Up Selects” specifically features international rising stars of the graphic arts world that have been specially selected by an industry panel. 

I love Annu Kilpeläinen’s urban landscapes and abstracted illustrations filled with summery colours and patterns.

I found Edward Carvalho-Monaghan’s highly original style combining bright colours, uniform width black outlines and narrative-rich imagery compelling.

Jack Hudson’s intriguing relationship between big and small and his playful approach to scale by creating vast worlds which are often inhabited with tiny people were really amusing.

Jessica Das' lovely character illustrations, inspired by children’s books and popular culture have colourful charm and I found them really endearing in a nostalgic kind of way.

And finally, who cannot adore Julia Pott’s amazingly detailed, kooky yet somehow elegant characters. Love all of them… (And I’m quite picky!)

So, for anyone who’s in London this weekend and looking for something to do… Take a trip down the Strand and check into Somerset House for a taste of some delicious artworks. Go enjoy yourselves, for after-all, art is supposed to be collected, admired and cherished isn’t it?